Experts for Dental phobia

To the Gentle Dental Office Group®’s team belong top dentists, oral surgeons, implantologists, prosthetic experts, anaesthetists, dental assistants, language experts and phone consultants. Everyone has been trained in the 3 Appointment Therapy, have conversational skills and is able to advise you respectfully and competently.  

Dr. med. dent. Michael Leu

developed the 3 Appointment Therapy and founded the first practice specialized exclusively in dental phobia patients in Germany. He is chairman and founder of the Deutschen Gesellschaft für Zahnbehandlungsphobie® e.V.(German Society of Dental Phobia), and of the Gentle Dental Office ® Group and the German Dental Fear Clinic ® Group. Nowadays Dr Leu is worldwide leader In the treatment of dental phobic patients.

Background Dr. Leu 

Dr. Klaus Rachfahl

He is the chief anaesthetist of the Gentle Dental Office ® Group and the German Dental Fear Clinic ® Group and he is responsible for the quality management within the 3TT-OLA-ITN ®. He instructs all the anaesthetists of our teams about our standards and the necessary specialist skills. 

Freddi Zelener

He is dentist and implantologist at the Gentle Dental Office® Group.

Dr. David White

Thomas Appel

Katharina Birch

Dr. Karl-Heinz Böhm

Dr. Harald Hofer

Dr. Richard Humburg

Dr. George Khoury

Dr. Claudia Mayer-Rieckh

Dr. Günter Nahles

Willi Schmidt

Dr. Andrea Fonferek-Levy

Dr. Raffaele Sacco