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My teeth are embarrassing.
I am ashamed of my teeth.
I don’t talk to anyone about my teeth.
I am afraid that a dentist may laugh at me because of my teeth.
I am afraid that a dentist will berate me because of my teeth.
I have already been humiliated in a dental practice
I have already been sneered at
I am afraid to talk to a dentist.
The idea to talk to a team which is sensible to the psychosomatic problems of anxious patients make me feel more comfortable in making the first step: Tel.: +44 (0) 753 170 95 80

Probable causes of my dental fear

Extend of my dental fear

Since my traumatic experience I have been feeling abandoned and helpless at the dentist.
I am constantly thinking about my traumatic experience at the dentist.
I feel like in prison. In my head everything is spinning around this problem.
My dental problems steel my sleep.
Going to the dentist is like going to hell.
My dental fear has reduced my social contacts.
My dental fear interferes with my professional success.
My dental fear reduces my hobbies.
My sexual life is negatively affected by my dental fear.
My dental fear reduces my self esteem.
My dental fear leads me to social isolation.

Controllability of my dental fear

I can hide very well my dental problems.
My efforts are big and stressful, but I can keep my countenance.
My countenance crumbles or collapses when

How does my body react at the dentist?


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