Andrea Herold

  • Andrea Herold

Our contact person for German speaking phobic patients, Andrea Herold, also suffered from dental phobia. With the help of Dr. Leu and the 3 appointment therapy, she managed to start a new life. Read here her story. 



Overcoming of a childhood trauma

My odyssey started with an extremely traumatizing visit to the school dentist. The experience was so awful that I would not go to the dentist for the next 23 years. 

My teeth would always get worse. Through diverse techniques I got used to hide my teeth when I was speaking or laughing.  The contacts to my friends became less because it was too awkward for me. I was ashamed to be unable to act upon it. 

In January 2002, I read in the newspaper Leipziger Volkszeitung for the first time about a patient who suffered from dental phobia and her treatment with the 3 appointment therapy by Dr. Leu. Immediately, I knew, it was the answer! In a letter, I explained my fears to Dr. Leu and a couple of days later he called me. He talked to me calmly on the phone and was very understanding. 

 I was still afraid but I trusted him at once. At the beginning of summer 2002, the dental treatment with the 3 appointment therapy began through Dr. Leu. 

2 weeks after surgery under general anesthesia, on the third appointment, a resplendent woman was smiling at me in the mirror after so many painful years. I will never forget how it felt! 

I agreed that a TV-Team would come along during the treatment and I remember it like if it  was yesterday: the cameraman who was recording the whole time was so moved that tears came to his eyes.  Because of my story and the large feedback from the TV appearances, Dr. Leu asked me to join his team as a consultant. Today I am happy and thankful for my mission within the Gentle Dental Office® and there is not a day where I do not laugh wholeheartedly. 


 Take a chance too!  I am here for you! 


Andrea Herold 

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