patient reports

"I became a new man" 

Mr A. Q. from North Rhine-Westphalia wrote to us 3 December 2010 the following letter: 


Hello Ms. Kliem, 

as promised I write to you to report about my life after the three-appointment-therapy. Although somewhat later than expected, but better late than never … 

As I have told you already shortly after the second appointment, everything went fine. On that very day, I paced up and down the whole morning. The time for the operation was set at 4pm, so I had to distract myself somehow. I cleaned pretty much the whole house from top to bottom. When the decisive moment had come, however, I was worried to death. When sitting in the waiting room of Dr. Özcan’s clinic I felt this strong urge to just walk out again. However I did not, as you now. 

After Dr. Hofer had informed me at length about the upcoming general anaesthesia we entered the treatment room. Dr. Özcan was already waiting for us. Then it started. I just scrambled on the treatment chair, had them give me the syringe and the very next moment I was asleep. 

I lack any recollection for the time between the surgery and the following morning. According to reports from my parents, I still had chosen the colour of the teeth, had them glue me on the temporary prosthesis again, which had come loose, and had my father put me to bed at home. I do not remember anything at all. But I don’t care. Most important I like the colour of the teeth I chose, although I cannot remember having chosen it. 

The next morning I woke up in my bed and got my bearings first of all. I was acquainted to the environment. There was no pain. My cycle was still not the way I wanted but this was because of the five-hour-long narcosis, most probably. During the first day I still was a bit dizzy and spent more time asleep than awake, but this doesn’t hurt. On the opposite - I had an extensive beauty sleep. 

Also on the second, third and fourth day there was no pain. Although, this was what I had doubted most while reading all the reports on your website. Every now and then a slight dragging pain came up. In fact, it is not even noteworthy as you could have simply ignored it. No external swellings appeared, neither. The only thing I was lacking of was a couple of teeth. Besides that I felt extraordinary comfortable. Due to the fact that on the right and left hand side teeth were missing and only the incisors were complete, eating was not so easy. My mother used to tell me that I would resemble a rabbit as I could only nibble with my front teeth. But I knew about this in advance and I was fine like this. Knowing that, I had stocked up with baby food in advance. Please advise your against doing this. It tastes awful and is only eatable with plenty of salt and pepper. It’s better to have tasty soft food, something squashy. In any case there is a pleasant side effect: I lost 10 pounds. 

At the first T3-appointment the dentures did not fit in perfectly, unfortunately. Dr. Özcan tried everything. Time and again I had to open the mouth, close it, chattering and grinding the teeth. Of course, this was not amusing, but not nearly as bad as I had imagined. The advantage of the fact that the dentures did not fit in well was, that new imprints could be taken after the wounds had been healed very well. The prosthesis had been made over again. 

Last Thursday the time was ripe. The dentures were fitted in. And this time they fitted like a glove. During that appointment there was much less chattering and grinding because most of this had been done at the previous appointment already. Not even an hour later I was on my way home, again. 

Of course, it took me some time to get used to my new teeth but in the meantime I got used to it. I am able to eat whatever I want without being anxious about loosing a tooth or having pain. What is most important I can laugh again heartily without being ashamed of the bad condition of my teeth. This is a completely new vibrant joie de vivre! From that time on I spend every free minute among people. Social contacts which withered formerly due to my feelings of shame are cultivated again. I became a new man, so to say, equipped with a good measure of joy of life. If I would have known in advance how fast and easily I would regain a great measure of quality of life, I would have decided for this treatment much earlier. 

For all of this I am very appreciative. Thank you Mr. Herold, Dr. Hofer, Dr. Leu as well as your whole team and especially thank you Dr. Özcan. If I could, I would hug all of you. We’ll see. Whenever I am close-by I will come around, perhaps. So do not be surprised if one day someone comes in and hugs you just like this. This would be me!

What you have done for me, as well by means of your loving care, can not be paid with money. My life has changed in such a positive way in the twinkling of an eye. I am so happy that I sing throughout the entire day. My work colleagues are a little bit annoyed but they just have to get used to it. 

Many thanks again and best regards, 

A. Q.