patient reports

"Mid April this year I finally put up the courage …" 

Ms S.A. from Berlin / Germany wrote on 5 August 2010 about her treatment with the Three-Appointment-Therapy: 


The 24 June 2010 was one of the best days in my life, thanks to the team of Dr. Leu. I’m therefore really happy to write my testimonial too.

Mid-April this year I finally put up the courage to do the necessary step and I contacted “LM Dental fear”. A few weeks before that I actually dared to visit a normal dental surgery in order to finally put an end to this. After being told what the dentist had planned for me, I did not return. Days after days I read the webpage and testimonials of the Gentle Dental Office Group. I just couldn’t believe that all of this was really true. Nonetheless did the testimonials touch me very deeply and I almost always broke out in tears, because I was so happy for all the other fellow sufferers, who already have been so brave and took this step. 

After breaking off a tooth while eating an apple and a new panic attack by the thought of having to visit a „normal dental surgery“ I made the phobia test on the webpage of the Gentle Dental Office Group. The result (the so called HAF score of 53) did not surprise me at all, as I have been sure to be the worst coward in this world. Already one day later I received a really nice e-mail and I nearly fainted because I never expected such a quick reaction.

The very same day I called the team of Dr. Leu. The telephone conversation was really pleasant and the comforting way they handled all of my queries did convince me finally to go through with this once and for all.

The first appointment took already place by the end of April. Petrified and nervous I and my friend made our way to the agreed dental surgery. I did not have to wait very long as Dr. Leu came to meet me with friendly words immediately and took me to the conference room / treatment room. The conversation was interesting and very informative. A few days later we had a couple more telephone conversations and I started waiting for the cost estimate. And finally there it was!!!! I tore the letter open, read everything and approved.

Now it was certain … the date for the 2nd appointment … just one week after the last telephone conversation. I felt seriously petrified and my fear was increasing from day to day. Due to the volcanic eruption however this appointment had to be postponed and for a short moment I felt released from this panic. So I still had some time to prepare myself mentally for the surgery day. In the meantime, several appointments for meeting the dentist doing the treatment, scanning my jaw and for taking impressions of my dentition had been scheduled. Ms Kliem and Ms Duttig are one of the loveliest assistants I have ever met. Both had so much patience with me and their comforting aura and kindness took all of my fear away. At home I had one final clearing telephone conversation with the anaesthetist and now it could get started. 

2nd appointment on 28 May 2010 The day had come… 

At home I was pacing around endlessly nervous. What would expect me? Will I have pain? Will I manage the general anaesthesia? Questions over questions… Once arrived in the dental surgery I have been welcomed really friendly again. The anaesthetist had once again explained me everything and took me to the treatment room. I was seated on the dental chair, made myself comfortable, got injected the tranquiliser and was already asleep. When I woke up, I quickly tasted my jaw with my tongue. It felt so “empty”, but I knew that I would soon get a provisional. Still quite dizzy from the general anaesthesia I have been seated in the waiting room and got a glass of water. I chatted with Ms Duttig as if nothing had happened. I can’t remember anything we did actually talk about though. Shortly after that we went to another treatment room and the provisional had been inserted. I then left the dental surgery with my friend and was glad when I finally arrived home again. The question if I will have any pain had been answered. It was kept within a limit. I didn’t have to take painkillers.

The next days I managed really well and just one week after the intervention the stitches had been taken out and further impressions had been made for the final solution of dental replacement. 

3rd appointment on 24 June 2010

The counting of days had an end and the day of my new life finally arrived. Still feeling a little bit nervous but without anymore fear I went to the dental surgery all by myself. The new toothy pegs have been inserted. Wow, what an incredible feeling. When I took the mirror in my hands for the first time and finally looked at the result, I couldn’t believe it. My first thought has been: I am going to eat something now, something I can bite into without being concerned that anything could break off and I will smile at everybody crossing my way. I put this plan into action and I am completely over the moon.

I am thanking the whole team with all my heart for the incredibly great support. The coordination of the team has been smashing. The empathy is just super and the follow-up care simply amazing. I never had the feeling that I had to feel embarrassed and no matter what concerns or doubts, every member of staff in this institution helped me with words and deeds, build me up and took away my fear. Everybody, who suffers from dental phobia should turn to “LM Zahnarztangst”. A shame I didn’t turn earlier to Dr. Leu and his team. It would have saved me from many bad experiences with dentists. 

You are awesome and again a huge THAAANK YOU!!!!!!

S. A.