patient reports

"I laugh much more often" 

Mrs. N.B. from Bavaria had her treatment under general anaesthesia on 1st June 2010. She now goes to a regular dentist for prophylactic treatment and wrote us the following letter on 16th June 2010: 


Hello Mrs. Kliem, 

I am doing great. I laugh much more often and am no longer afraid for people to see my teeth. I also had no pain after my surgery. 

I would like to really thank you again. I felt very very supported and understood by you and your entire team. (Mr. Herold, Dr. Leu, Dr. Rachfahl and his assistant and Dr. Zelener). 

I would definitely do it again anytime! I am soooo happy! And more than anything else, no one can really believe that I felt no pain.:o) Everyone else suffered when they had their wisdom teeth removed and in my case it was just absolutely perfect! 

I had such great fear of dental visit but fortunately found a dentist who was nice and careful – a dream! 

He did a complete check- up again today and took another x-ray. Everything is fine. 

I am soooo glad!! 

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!