patient reports

"I am sure there are many people in the UK who suffer from the same kind of dental phobia I have suffered from." 

Our former patient R.P. sent us the following report: 


As you are aware, I have not been to a dentist for some 20 years and over the years my phobia to dental treatment has become a great source of growing anxiety and concern to me; to the extent that I lost sleep and certainly could not talk about it with anyone. I am objective and reasoned in all other aspects of my life and work; but I simply could not face any kind of dental treatment. In recent months, I started to have dental problems which made me realise I simply had to try to do something. I did a lot of research on the internet and came across Gentle Dental Office. It seemed to me to be the only company I could find whose web site and information seemed to understand and appreciate some of the trauma and anxiety I was experiencing with my dental fear. I eventually anonymously emailed you and immediately received a sympathetic email back and I could clearly see that you understood the fear that I was experiencing from just talking about my teeth. We eventually spoke on the telephone and again you showed tremendous care and sensitivity towards my situation. After several conversations I flew to Germany and met with Dr Leu. Again, he clearly understands dental phobia and was able to put me at ease. The appointment was straight forward and he was able to explain the problems and work that would need to be done. 

I was able to arrange the treatment to my timeschdule and in my case in Berlin, although I was given the option of a number of European cities. I arrived in Berlin the day of the treatment and although I was somewhat nervous, I have to say that over the intervening weeks the discussions with you, Dr Leu and by being able to talk to people who understood my issues made me feel much more confident and relaxed about the whole experience. My main cause of concern was that I had never had a general anaesthetic previously and the after effects from around 3 hours of dental work; I simply couldn’t believe that I would not have some pain or discomfort following the treatment. Well, I have to say that, other than the after effects of the general anaesthetic, I had no pain whatsoever and little or no discomfort from the dental work; it is simple amazing and I still cannot quite believe the work that has been done! 

I had some follow up work with the dentist to fit the bridge but by now my level of confidence had grown tremendously and had all the dental work to fit the bridge without any real anxiety of concern and no pain killers or injections. 

I can honestly say that the work Dr Leu is doing for people who suffer from dental phobia is wonderful. I am sure there are many people in the UK who suffer from the same kind of dental phobia I have suffered from. Based on my experience I can highly recommend Gentle Dental Office and wish them every success for the future. It has without doubt helped transform my life from a dental perspective and wish I had done this year ago. 

Many thanks for all your help.