patient reports

"that I actually was looking forward to a dentist’s appointment, is something I didn’t think was possible" 

Mrs K.K from Munich


Dental fear – I don’t know how many times I asked myself why I’m scared of the dentist. This fear had accompanied me the last 20 years. I ’d never looked up a dentist and conversations on the subject in my circle of friends, I knew well to avoid. Today I know that the roots of my fear lay in my childhood. 

I saw a documentary on television about a patient who overcame her dental fear, with the help of the 3-Appointment-Therapy. Since then I’d visited the GDO home-page. The phone call, I only dared to make 3 years later. 

At the end of October it was time and I made an appointment with Dr. Leu – again the fear – in the car I thought about turning around and driving back home. But, I told myself, you’re finally here and if you want to do something about your teeth, you better take this chance. That’s how I met Dr. Leu who very sensitively explained to me the 3-Appointment-Therapy. For once I didn’t feel “second class” with my bad teeth, instead I felt understood. 

After clearing up the financial side of it with my health insurance company, which unfortunately took a while, I was in line to have the second appointment at the beginning of March. (under general anaesthesia). The treatment went great and I didn’t feel a thing during the operation. As I awoke from the anaesthetic, I had no pain at all and wanted to go back home as quickly as possible. In the next few days I felt a twinge now and then, but nothing that couldn’t be eased with mild painkillers. 

2 weeks after the second appointment I finally received my “new teeth”. The fact that I was actually looking forward to the appointment was something I didn’t think was possible. At this third appointment I was so carefully treated that the two hours on the dentist’s chair weren’t a problem at all. Dr. Nabi reassured me that nothing was going to be done, that I wasn’t ready for. That’s exactly how it went too. 

After the appointment when I was allowed to go home Dr. Nabi gave me a few tips for the future, for example, that I should take good care of my new teeth, which I consistently follow. 

A big thank-you to the whole team of the GDO GmbH, especially to Mrs Dettmann who competently and courteously consulted me throughout the whole process. A.S.