patient reports

"… I had landed in the hands of a great team of doctors" 

Mrs T.G wrote about her treatment from Dr. Leu 


Dear Mrs Herold, 

At first, I think it’s natural being adorned with fear, hesitation and negative experience, to be sceptical about the whole thing. 

The first appointment with Dr. Leu is already so positive though, that one feels a whole lot calmer afterwards. It was an excellent consultation I received from Dr. Leu, without any judgements involved. I was quite scared in light of the second appointment however, as it was just so hard to believe that I wouldn’t have any pain, swelling or bleeding of any kind. But I have to say that it went exactly as Dr. Leu had promised. I had no problems whatsoever afterwards, no low blood pressure or dizziness, not to mention the pain that you would expect after such an operation, which just didn’t come. 

So to draw up a balance of the whole procedure: Just as Dr. Leu had said, I had landed in the hands of a great team of doctors, who, in my opinion, were even better than first class. The anaesthesia-team too, was just top! Extremely friendly and professional, making a constant effort to meet your every need. 

I’m extremely happy to have landed in the hands of Dr. Leu and his colleagues, whoever it happened to be answering my questions. All in all it was a very positive experience and I would like to thank each and every one of the team from my heart and wish you all the best of luck. 

Yours sincerely,