patient reports

"If I hadn’t experienced it myself, I wouldn’t believe it" 

A letter from a patient from Bavaria a few weeks after the treatment 


Dearest Gentle Dental Office Team, 

Thank you so much for the, in every way, excellent care and consultation by your team. Due to your help I can finally enjoy the upcoming festivities for the first time in a very long time. You really have given me back a piece of quality-of-life! 

I would especially like to acknowledge the perceptive and sensitive treatment from Dr Nabi and his assistant. Your team actually managed to give me back my trust in the possibilities of dental care. More than that, I think it also gave me the impulse to overcome my fear of doctors in general. In any case, all of your promises were kept. From the first insightful talk with Dr. Leu, to the absolutely pain-free second appointment. If I hadn’t experienced it myself, I wouldn’t have believed that in just three weeks one can have a completely new set of teeth. 

Thank you once again and I wish you and your families a wonderful Christmas as well as much success! 

Kind regards