Observations of Dr. Michael Leu and his team of specialists

Since we are leader in the gentle treatment of dental phobia patients we have a giant treasure of experience. Here you can find some of most important personal observations and discoveries summed up from Dr. Leu and his team.  They show the importance and the positive effect of the 3 Appointment Therapy.

Patient and doctor

  • In a usual dental practise a strong fear patient is not immediately recognised and therefore he or she is treated like a normal patient. 
  • In the special practice for strong anxious patients the dentist knows from the very beginning that the patients in front of him have particularly high expectation about his empathic competences.  
  • Almost every strong anxious patient goes to the first appointment T1 very stressed and with an incredible self-control! 
  • The patient can maintain his self control as long as the dentist during the conversation act and react in an empathic, psychosomatic and respectful way.    
  • Extreme anxious patients almost always contact us when their life quality has been dramatically worsened.
  • It is alarmingly how many patients say to have thought about suicide.
  • Know-it-all and superior behaviour of the dentists are an absolute No-Go. 
  • The dentist should be able to motivate

Dental phobia through Traumas

    • Dental phobia through Traumas
    • Almost all our extremely anxious patients tell our assistants during the preliminary talk / PRE-T1 or during the consultation T1 about terrible, traumatic dentist experiences in childhood and think about them as the origin of their dentist fear. 
    • Many patients had root treatments and think that this was the beginning of their extreme fear of the dentist. 
    • The predominant population majority – including dentists – do not know the difference between dental fear and dental phobia.
    • We have the impression that extreme dental fear is not much a „mental disorder“ but more a post traumatic stress disorder after horrible and traumatic dentist treatments – especially in childhood. 
    • It is often said that school dentist from the former DDR are the cause of an extreme dental fear. 

    Positive Effects of the 3 Appointment Therapy

    • Many patients do not have the usual pains and swellings after the surgery under general anaesthesia (T2). The do not feel like they would have had a very large treatment. 
    • Many patients with an extreme feeling of sickness and nausea loose it immediately after the third appointment / T3.  
    • Patients who have been treated with the 3 Appointment Therapy can often have afterwards again a normal dental treatment.   This effect is probably bound to our conversational technique and the particular training of our assistants and colleagues.