Consolidated Research and Therapy of dental phobia

The German Society of Dental Phobia® (DGZP) was founded in 1997 from Dr. Michael Leu. After having treated seriously disabled patients for years, since 1999 Dr. Leu has been treating exclusively dental fear and phobia patients all around Europe.    

The German Society of Dental Phobia® aims to support scientific and medical institution promoting the research and therapy of dental phobia with the goal to restore the physical and psychic health of phobic patients. 

You are not alone

Only in Germany there are about 5 million people with dental treatment phobia. In European industrial countries it is estimated that 10 - 12 % of the population suffers of a strong dental phobia. 

Do you feel alone and misunderstood with your fear?

Do not isolate yourself!

These pages shall help you to deal with the illness „dental treatment phobia“ and to find ways out of this misery.