Dental Phobia – more than just fear

“The difference between dental phobia and dental fear is highly visible. Patients with dental phobia suffer from devastating quality of life” (Dr. Leu)  

Dental phobia is a brutal version of dental fear. Dental phobia is cruel and inhuman. It can destroy people.

What to do in case of dental fear?

Dental fear is an uncomfortable feeling expressed through anxiety. This is a protection mechanism and this fear comes from normal affect. However, you will not find at every corner dentists able to handle dental fear. The best solution is often to try several dentists and to pay attention to the way they consider and respect your anxiety.

Dental phobia specialists: Dr. Leu and his Dental Practice- Team

Dentists able to handle dental phobia are very few. In Germany there are only 5 known specialists. Dr. Michael Leu is one of them. 

Through the Gentle Dental Office® Group and the 3 Appointment Therapy, Dr. Michael Leu has created effective instruments to provide dental restauration to people suffering from dental phobia.

Principle of the 3 Appointment Therapy:

Dr. Michael Leu follows 3importants principles in the 3 Appointment Therapy:

  • Respect for the patients (Big Respect)
  • Dental fear/ phobia is not a shame (No Shame)
  • Pain can be avoided (No Pain)

Anonymous first consultation on the telephone – first step out of dental phobia

The Pre-T1 consultation on the phone is an important and essential part of the 3 Appointment Therapy. 

You are not calling a dental practice where the assistant is stressed out and has no time for you. We - a staff focused on the patients, in our offices of Leipzig, Berlin and in Switzerland - we have time for you, your fears and feelings. We answer all your questions and have understanding for each situation. Only then when you decide to take a first appointment, you give us your name. Before that the conversation remains anonymous! 

On demand, Andrea Herold, who used to be one of Dr. Leu’s phobic patients, can give you advices on the phone. Thanks to this ex-patient we have a unique insight in the personal experiences of  a phobic patient; this cannot be claimed by any other dental practice. 

Only the possibility of a free consultation without any engagement on the phone with a competent staff enables most of the dental fear/ phobia patients to take a first appointment in a dental practice. Only through this conversation on the phone can a patient build up the trust to choose to take a first appointment. 

Don’t be afraid! Take the first step - maybe the most important in your life. Contact us per telephone or per Mail.