Dr Michael Leu

Gentle treatment especially for dental anxiety / dental phobia

  • Treatment of dental phobia patients
  • In only one general anaesthesia to your desired teeth
  • To a happier life in just three appointments
  • Trained dentists especially for anxious patients
  • No dental practice and no instruments at the 1st appointment
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The 3-appointment therapy (3TT) Gently via three appointments T1 > T2 > T3 to your new teeth

Dental phobia is a recognised clinical condition and manifests itself in those affected by far more than just fear of the drill. But years of avoiding the dentist has both physical and psychological consequences. Damaged dentition and a growing sense of shame often dramatically affect a person’s quality of life. However, Dr. Michael Leu has developed a 3-appointment therapy especially for dental phobic patients, in which complete tooth restoration can be successfully completed in just three treatment sessions.

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PRE-T1 before the first appointment (T1)

The PRE-T1 team is the initial point of telephone contact for our patients. In a conversation that can be anonymous if desired, the team carefully responds to fears and questions and gives detailed advice on the treatment methods.

Leader of the patient care team is Ms. Andrea Herold. She knows the emotions of the callers very well, because she herself was a desperate dental phobic patient for many years, until she went to Dr. Leu for treatment.

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T1 The first appointment

During this appointment, patients are hardly aware that they are in a dental practice. All potential fear-inducing stimuli are avoided. There is no dental examination, no dental chair, not even a white coat.

Instead, one of our specialists will sit opposite you in a relaxed atmosphere and talk with you about your concerns. The current condition of your teeth is recorded with the help of photos and an X-ray, and a possible treatment plan is discussed.

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T2 The second appointment, under general anaesthesia

Once you have decided on a treatment, the next course of action is planned. The second appointment, T2, involves an outpatient procedure in one of our modern partner practices.

Your teeth and jaws will be restored under general anaesthesia according to the treatment plan. Thanks to a special anaesthetic technique, you will not experience pain or the usual swelling after waking up. You can leave the practice after T2, fitted with a temporary restoration.

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T3 The third appointment

Only a few days after T2, the permanent dental restorations can be inserted in a third appointment. This does not usually require an anaesthetic.

The dental restorations are planned and fabricated to allow and enable subsequent healing of the surrounding tissue. The following weeks allow the body and the mind to heal the wounds of the past. After T3, we release you into a second life with a new smile, in which you can eat, laugh and love without pain or shame.

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After the 3-appointment therapy:

By the end of the 3-appointment therapy, the dental phobia of most patients has subsided significantly and may have even completely disappeared. Everyday care of your dental restorations is as straightforward as if they were your own teeth. Regular check-ups and preventive care can now be carried out by a resident dentist of your choice. It is best to choose a dentist who can deal with normal dental anxiety. Naturally, if you want to remain loyal to us, we will be happy to keep looking after your teeth.

If you suffer from dental phobia, contact our understanding PRE-T1 team, anonymously if necessary, for non-binding advice on 3-appointment therapy, the treatment model that has been specially developed for dental phobic patients Europe-wide:

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Central telephone number: +44 7551984722
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Patient's reports

"that I actually was looking forward to a dentist’s appointment, is something I didn’t think was possible"
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Ms P. in the November 2011
"I took a look in the mirror and had to say: F A N T A S T I C!!!!!!!!" Read more
Mrs B.B. in the May 2007
"now I am really relaxed when I think about my next visit to the dentist" Read more
Ms M.M. in the November 2012