Relieved and free of pain after the operation

As fear or phobic patients you don not have to justify with us your need to have a dental treatment under general anaesthesia. General anaesthesia is an essential component of the 3 appointment therapy. The anaesthetic technique 3TT-OLA-ITN®, developed especially for phobia patients, is particularly gentle and minimize the risk of pain and swelling.

What does 3TT-OLA-ITN® mean?

3TT-OLA-ITN® is a registered trademark which is protected in Europe and can be only used from our Gentle Dental Office® Group in the context of the 3 appointment therapy.

The name is composed from:

3 Appointment Therapy = 3TT
Without local anaesthetic = OLA
Intubation anaesthesia = ITN

The particularity of this method: 

Our doctors are not allowed to use local anaesthetic during the intubation anaesthesia. 

Through this method you have following positive effects:

  • Absolutely certain anaesthetisation during the treatment
  • Low risk of pain after the surgery 
  • Low risk of swelling after the surgery
  • After the operation painkillers are not needed

The Anti-Pain-Management and Anti-Swelling-Management by Dr. Leu are a fundamental part of the anaesthetic technique 3TT-OLA-ITN® and they are used from our expert and best trained anaesthetists. The dentist can concentrate on his work while the anaesthetist focuses on the vital functions of the patient. In this way, it is possible to treat patients up to seven hours and in almost all cases we can cover the entire treatment requirement or do a complete dental restoration.

When other dentists would need many appointments in order to complete a dental restoration, with us you can reach your goal with just 3 appointments and one general anaesthesia and all this in a faster, gentler and more efficient way.