Leader in the treatment of phobic patients

We, the Gentle Dental Office® Group, are a network of expert dentists, implantologists, surgeons and anaesthetists, who have been trained in the 3 Appointment Therapy and have been using it since many years. We treat exclusively patients who present a very serious dental situation. During our work we strictly observe the guide lines formulated by Dr. Leu, which are summed up in the DIRECTIVES.

Trough the DIRECTIVES all the experiences of Dr. Leu with strong fear patients have been organized in a systematic treatment procedure. They are the core of the 3 Appointment Therapy and rule concretely the particular behaviour with patients. For each appointment (PRET1 - T3) there are specific  DIRECTIVES, which are observed from everyone of us each single day.

According to the complex and individual diagnosis we develop for every phobic patient a systematic procedure which in the first place makes a treatment with the 3 Appointment Therapy possible. Only trough planning the treatment in every single detail it is possible for the patient to have a completely restored denture after only three appointments. Under this point of view we enormously differentiate ourselves from normal dentists. 

Consultation and treatment with very high quality standards

Through the Systematisation of diagnosis – and treatment techniques Dr Leu has created a worldwide unified quality standard, whose compliance we regularly check.

In order to train our assistants in conversation technique and psychosomatic the Gentle Dental Office® Group has an own training centre. Trained is everyone, without exception – from the assistance to the medical personnel. Thanks to its efficient 3 Appointment Therapy and gentle anaesthetic technique 3TT-OLA-ITN® developed by Dr. Leu, the Gentle Dental Office® Group is worldwide leader in this sector.

With us, if you suffer of a strong dental phobia, you can be sure that the Gentle Dental Office® Group will always treat and advise you with respect, competence and empathy, in every dental practice and according to you individual needs.