Specially for people with dental phobia.

With the 3 Appointment Therapy we treat every day patients mostly with dental phobia or strong nausea and serious dental problems. Through this specialisation we have gained a treasure of experience, which normal dentists treating phobic patients sporadically, can not dispose of. In this way we can help you with a particular gentle procedure and with a lot of empathy. 

Anonymous experiences exchange with an ex patient.

Before the first personal consultation T1 you have the possibility – anonymous and without obligation – to contact our ex patient and now collaborator Andrea Herold and talk with her about your fears, your life situation and the 3 Appointment Therapy. With her you will find a lot of understanding. Even she had been for 23 years in the same situation. She knows how you feel and is pleased to give you further information and motivate your towards the next step.

Motivation through a specific dialog technique

The 3 Appointment Therapy is based on a special dialog technique which is emphatic and takes into account the psychosomatic correlations. Through it we are able to calm and motivate you before the treatment. Even crying patients feel at ease in such a short time that even they can not believe it is true. Their tension relax more and more and they start trusting the 3 Appointment Therapy

Best skilled experts

All our assistants and experts have been trained in the 3 Appointment Therapy. We dispose of a training-department in Leipzig where specific conversation techniques are taught. Our collaborators are sensibilized about the difficult problems of our patients. Even our expert colleagues are surprised about our high standards and quality criteria which we consider essential for the successful treatment of phobic patients. 

Painless treatment in general anaesthesia

The treatment is carried out with the anaesthetic technique developed by Dr. Leu with the name 3TT-OLA-ITN®. Integral parts of this technique are the Anti-Pain-Management and the Anti-Swelling-Management by Dr. Leu. Thanks to it the patients is free from the common problems after a very long and traumatic treatment. Swellings, pains and indisposition do not usually appear. 

From strong to normal fear

During the 3 Appointment Therapy the lost confidence in dentists will be re-created step by step. Dr. Leu calls the procedure, he has developed, Fish-Ladder-Technique. Essential part of the Fish-Ladder-Technique by Dr. Leu is our offer of information, in form of detailed consultations, patient’s reports, case studies, TV reports, media reports etc.

After the treatment with the 3 Appointment Therapy, most of our patients go to a normal dentist in their home cities.