Are you scared of the dentist?

After years of experience and professionalism in the field of DENTAL PHOBIA, Dr. Leu and his qualified team help you to smile again and to increase your quality of life.

You don’t have to face your fear of the dentist alone.

About 12% of the adult population suffers under a strong form of dental fear, called dental phobia. People with this problem belong to every population group. Dental phobia often influences negatively the quality of life. In order to help phobic people, Dr. Leu has developed the 3 Appointment Therapy, which is nowadays used everywhere in Europe. 

The 3 Appointment Therapy listens to the fears and meets the needs of dental phobia patients. With particular care and sensibility it gives you a completely new smile and life feeling. 

On these pages you will find detailed information about topics like Dental Fear, Dental Phobia and the 3 Appointment Therapy. You will know how the therapy is structured, which advantages it takes and who your contact persons are. Furthermore you will find many patient’s reports, media articles and TV reports.  

Stop dental phobia from destroying your life.


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